Strategic Organizing Training

David is a nationally recognized teacher and leader in organizing for social change. Using a variety of community organizing techniques, David has taught the fundamentals of organizing to thousands of people. Teaching and practicing what he learnt as one of four principal trainers of the Midwest Academy (one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious social change organizing training institutions) from 1998–2012, David has been instrumental in winning many victories for individuals and the communities they serve.

From 1988–1995 David served as the Executive Director of the Chicago Rehab Network, a 35-year-old coalition organization of Chicago’s community development corporations dedicated to Community Development without Displacement.  Under David’s leadership, the Rehab Network led a very successful, broad-based, citywide campaign including over 250 organizations, known as the Chicago Affordable Housing and Community Jobs Campaign, which resulted in the city of Chicago targeting $750 million to low-income housing development.

In 2012 David designed and taught the inaugural Community Organizing course at Marygrove College in Detroit,  Ingham Counties Health Department and Independent school district and is developing similar courses for civic engagement and community development organizations.

Community Organizing and Civic Engagement Workshops

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