Facilitation & Guest Speaking

David is trained in both large and small group facilitation and utilizes these skills with community organizations.  His working style is inclusive, engaging, and welcoming, and he is available as a guest speaker or group facilitator. 

David works with a variety of communities, enabling them to resolve conflict, plan strategically, organize powerfully and work together cohesively – resulting in powerful social change, and better outcomes for all.

“Mr. Hunt’s facilitation style, the energy he brings, and the topic of the course really made the day thought provoking and intellectually stimulating. We had real and raw conversations around race, class, and socioeconomic issues that our country has been dealing with since the beginning and is still dealing with to this day.” 

Chen Yo Chi

David’s energetic, charismatic, and fun-loving spirit creates opportunities for his audiences to reflect, enjoy, learn, and grow together.

He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and events across America and Australia. David is regularly requested by his clients as he inspires an audience through his infectious, wise passion and his ability to co-create and tailor his message to the focus of the gathering.

Interested in learning how David can help your organization bring about social change?