David is the founder of the Community Building Storytelling Project, a project designed to reintroduce storytelling into American culture as a tool to build community and heal America.

David uses storytelling to create sacred space where the voices and visions of all that are gathered can be shared and heard.
His presentations give insight to his belief that next to the universal laws of physics, absolutely nothing impacts the collective and individual human spirit and its mystical and magical journey, more than story.

David artfully and intelligently reconnects people with the memory that from time immemorial human beings have relied upon story and storytelling as the critical tool to communicate values, knowledge and vision. Still today, even with the ever present smart phone, Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook generation, story and storytelling are the driving desire behind these seemingly new technologies.

His presentations explore and reveal the ancient mystical power of storytelling to transform, heal, build community, and most importantly, open portals of communication across the generations and cultures.

Highly interactive workshops are designed to teach participants to employ the power of story and storytelling to talk about their hopes, fears, dreams and life journeys. They provide a framework and methods that will prepare participants to develop a work plan for a community and organization building storytelling project for their clients, members or defined community.

Much of David’s research, training and methodology were born and nurtured during his three-year W.K Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellowship from 1995 – 1997.

He travels widely around the United States and the globe studying the power of story to heal and build community, or as he likes to say “build common unity.” Travel destinations include Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Nicaragua, Bali, Zimbabwe, Chiappas, Mexico, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Costa Rica, Benin, Spain, Morocco, Cuba, Belize, Australia, Senegal, Thailand and other wonderful places.

David’s energetic, charismatic and fun-loving spirit creates opportunities for his clients and audiences to collectively reflect, enjoy, learn and grow together as they use story and storytelling to resolve conflict, plan strategically and organize powerfully.
He invites you to sit down close to the fire, stay a while and share a story or two.

Storytelling courses

David uses insight, humor and interactive audience participation to illuminate the use and power of storytelling in the everyday aspects of our lives.

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